jorge niedasJorge Niedas is the founder and artistic director of Tango 21, and has been dancing all his life.
Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Tango played a role in his life since childhood. 
As a tango dancer, Niedas’ graceful yet innovative style stems from a fusion of ballet principles and Argentine Tango traditions. Niedas was professionally trained in classical ballet at Instituto Superior del Arte del Teatro Colon and later studied tango with Rodolfo & Gloria Dinzel.
As a Tango teacher, Niedas isn‘t bound by steps and sequences; Niedas’ knowledge of dance fundamentals has given many students a solid technical base to later develop their own Tango style and language. 

He was the first teacher to introduce Argentine Tango to Chicago in the 1990's, and he continues to offer instruction and performance of the highest quality. 
His teaching focuses on individual balance, grace, and musicality, as well as on the connection between partners. Recognized for his elegant and unique style, Niedas's dancing at times combines elements of traditional salon tango with technique that draws on classical ballet. Niedas brings a lifetime of professional dance experience, and a sense of humor to his classes.

lis-sungLiz began studying Argentine Tango in 2007 with Jorge Niedas, bringing with her a love of dance and music gained from the study of ballet and violin. 
She continued to develop her technique with Javier Rodriguez and the late Andrea Missé, and most recently with Gabriel Missé and Analia Centurión. Liz's natural affinity for music makes her a natural DJ. 
DJ Lizita creates a welcoming atmosphere with the best selection of traditional tango music encouraging people to dance.

dinah-dantoniDinah D'Antoni is a producer and educator with over 14 years experience in the music, film, and event industries. 
Dinah possesses an in-depth knowledge of business and the arts that she brought to her post on the Board of Governors for the Recording Academy of Arts and Science in Chicago. 
In her role as Co-Owner of Tango 21, Dinah draws on knowledge gained from positions held in her native Argentina as Head Mistress and Teacher at a prestigious language school, and later as Head of Marketing for a major travel agency based in Patagonia. 
Dinah joined Tango 21 in 2004.